Product Management is now an integral part of many mid-to-large organisations. To ensure its success, product people need to be able to understand and work across a range of areas: from understanding and aligning to the organisation’s aims and strategies to using product management techniques to understand customer problems and delivering products that solve them.

Product Management: Bringing New Products to Market begins with questions that product people need to be able to answer. It then goes through activities for creating a cadence for developing, optimising and executing strategies to move existing products forward – including objective setting, strategic roadmaps, iterative delivery and much more.

  • A pragmatic approach to product management that creates value for your customers and business
  • Comprehensive, useful and thought-provoking content that covers the full spectrum of activities required to create, deliver and manage products
  • Insights, constructs and tools to help product people deliver and develop their product management capabilities

As well as a friendly and personable tone, content is brought to life with references, diagrams, illustrations, examples, case studies and quotes from product practitioners. Each book is also laid out in a way that makes it easy to jump to particular topical areas.

The Product Management series of books are:

  • Product Management: Mastering the Product Role – insights to help you nurture and develop your product management career in mid-to-large organisations – more
  • Product Management: Understanding Business Context & Focus – insights to help you (1) align your product strategies to your organisation’s aims and strategies and (2) understand and navigate your organisation’s culture – more
  • Product Management: Bringing New Products to Market – an all-encompassing journey through understanding your customers’ problems and solving them with products that deliver value to the business and customer. Plus, a detailed look at the accompanying activities required to ensure your product is successful – more
  • Product Management: Managing Existing Products – an approach for creating a cadence when managing products that are already in market – more

Much is required of people in product management roles. To be effective, now and in the future, requires continuous learning and the development of new skills and knowledge. The more days, weeks, years etc. you work in product management the more you will learn from reading, listening, watching and doing.

The aim with the Product Management series is to contribute to your knowledge and learning.


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