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To master product management, you need to have knowledge of and appreciation for the many areas this multi-faceted role touches. Mastering the Product Role has been written to provide practical insights about the role and how to be effective.

“This book is a must for people wanting to break into product management or starting their product management career. This is the first book in to the series.” Goodreads

Opening with descriptions of the business/customer value exchange, products, product management and its core and accompanying activities, the book goes onto:

  • outline a number of potential fits for product in different organisational contexts
  • define product management roles, responsibilities, skills and competencies
  • provide guidance for being an effective product person, nurturing and developing your product talent
  • outline approaches to engage and work with stakeholders

Lastly, it covers a few thoughts on the future of product management and provides 2 tools for incrementally planning and reviewing the progress of product initiatives.


Complete the Product Management Series

Mastering the Product Role is 1 of 4 books in the Product Management Series. The other 3 books are:

  • Product Management: Understanding Business Context and Focus – more
  • Product Management: Bringing New Products to Market – more
  • Product Management: Managing Existing Products – more

As a series, the books are designed to provide a straight-talking and pragmatic approach to the spectrum of activities required to create, deliver and manage products that create value for your customers and business.

With its friendly and personable tone content is brought to life with references, diagrams, illustrations, examples, case studies and quotes from over 50 interviews.